Our Services

Investment Management

Because we are a fee based investment advisor our compensation increases and decreases as the assets in your account increase and decrease, you can rest assured that our recommendations to you are based on your best interest - not our desire to earn a commission.  We both benefit from building your wealth.

Investment management is a significant component of our customized wealth management solution. Our experienced Wealth Advisors make themselves available to understand the different aspects of your life and financial goals.  At Wealth Management Solutions, we develop and implement personalized investment management strategies that are designed with your unique financial goals in mind.  Your time horizon, return objectives, risk tolerance, tax situation and unique personal circumstances come together in a strategy that is tailored just for you. We strive to structure a diversified investment portfolio, proactively monitor your portfolio and rebalance strategically and tactically to help ensure that you remain on course to meet your financial goals.  We will also keep you informed of your progress through quarterly personal consultations and performance reports.

Our approach to investment management combines an open architecture platform with our investment management capabilities to assist in providing the optimal mix of assets in your portfolio.  We offer clearing/custodian arrangements through Raymond James & Associates.


Financial Planning

At Wealth Management Solutions our focus is on providing solutions to a broad selection of financial needs.  We are committed to helping you reach your financial goals and objectives.  This is often accomplished by developing a written financial plan.  A financial plan will address the following critical stages of your financial life:

Current Situation:  We begin the financial planning process by helping you assess where you are right now.  This will help you track your progress toward your specific goals.

Risk Management:  In this stage, we will make sure you are cost effectively protecting those assets you cannot afford to lose, such as your home, auto, life, and your ability to earn an income.  We will show you exactly how much coverage you will need in each of those areas.  Our goal is to minimize your cost and protect your family.

Investment & College Planning:  In this stage, we look at your specific goals, the time frame, and how much risk you feel comfortable with, to help you find investments to fit your personal needs.

Tax Planning:  Is your income tax liability acceptable?  In tax planning, we will work with you to develop and implement proven tax reduction strategies.  Wealth Management Solutions does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.

Retirement Planning:  Is what you are doing right now going to be enough for you to retire the way you would like?  Have you considered the cost of rising prices over time?  How much do I need to save?  Am I going to run out of money before I die?  All of these are valid concerns.  This section will help you answer these questions.

Estate Planning:  This offers many opportunities for fine-tuning your financial plan.  Excessive estate taxation and costly probate fees can often be avoided with proper planning.

Our personalized financial planning process begins with an initial meeting with one of our experienced Wealth Advisors to collect relevant information regarding your future life goals and objectives as well as your current financial situation.  After analyzing the data you provide to us we, begin to construct your written plan to help you reach your goals, while taking into consideration your specific objectives, time frames, risk tolerance and goals.  The final stage of our process includes monitoring and review of your financial plan.

Since change is a constant in life, your financial goals and needs are likely to evolve over time, and we engage you to ensure that your financial plan is updated accordingly. Our course of action is a continuous evolution that involves financial planning review meetings, strategy sessions and tax planning consultations to ensure that your plan continues to meet your ever-changing life goals.

Through our customized financial planning process, we strive to provide you with peace of mind so that your goals and dreams can be achieved.